There’s nothing that makes this feel more real than finally laying out everything and trying to stuff it in our luggage.  A month ago I did a test pack and it all seemed to go in so easily and only weighed 80 lbs.  Now that mound of clothing somehow grew when I wasn’t looking and I was up to 115, yikes!  100 lbs is our limit so we spent hours getting rid of items, debating what could be sent later and trying to make it fit into a reasonable load.  Well, it’s all in there but I’m not sure how actually carrying it around is going to go.  One way to find out…

Eric's pile
Eric’s pile
Taylor's pile
Taylor’s pile
That's it, 2 years of stuff, can we carry it all?
That’s it, 2 years of stuff, can we carry it all?



Packing, yay!

Trying to figure out how to move out of our house, quit our jobs, sell stuff we don’t need (including cars) while at the same time packing seemed impossible.  We decided to vacate our house at the end of the year (which we were renting) and then move in with friends for 2 months while taking care of the next steps.  Moving out of the house turned out to be a huge pain which makes me even happier we are getting it out of the way now rather than waiting until the last couple weeks before we depart.

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