Kotor – the Not-So-Secret Gem on the Adriatic

Ah, Kotor.  Somehow this tiny little town in a country I couldn’t place on a map a year ago has popped up again and again as travel bloggers I follow visit.  Based on little more than a photograph I saw last summer, I googled ‘How to get to from Belgrade to Kotor,’ learned about the Belgrade to Bar train and planned the rest of this trip around it.  Did Kotor live up to it all?  Yep! Cheap (and delicious) food, friendly people and spectacular views.  There’s not a lot of secrets left to tell in Kotor, everyone seems to write about Kotor now.  Avoid the cruise crowds midday, bring water when you hike up the town walls and eat a lot.  Maybe it was just because I’ve been living in the most land-locked country in the world for the past year but man, the food here was excellent.  I don’t have anything else to say but I took a lot of photos, here ya go!

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