A Visit to King’s Landing (Dubrovnik)

Between traveling and dealing with the chaos here (maybe I’ll write about that later but when I sit down to think about it I just get aggravated) I’ve had little time to post the rest of the photos from our Europe trip.  With our next Europe trip just two weeks away (I promise we do work!) I’m going to try to get caught up.

High on our list of places to visit in the Balkans was Dubrovnik.  Yes, it’s touristy but everyone I know who went has loved it.  Plus, with three of the four of being big ‘Game of Thrones’ fans we had to see King’s Landing for ourselves.

From Kotor, we hired the same driver to take us to Dubrovnik and after a bit of confusion finding our AirBNB we managed to locate it and check in.  The owners were a charming older couple who took quite a bit of time making sure we knew every single little detail about the home – maybe overly friendly but not that surprisingly given how friendly we found people in the Balkans to be.  As soon as we checked in we walked to the Old Town to take a look.  All of the old walled cities along the Dalmatian Coast are similar but this one was much larger than Kotor.

The second day we walked to a local beach (because that’s what you do when staying on the Croatian coast) to relax for a bit.  Ferry traffic makes the crowds in Dubrovnik unbearable during the day – spend a couple days so you can go explore in the evening when the weather is better and the crowds have left.  There are a variety of things you can see or do in Dubrovnik, the most interesting to us was eating, so we ate.  We ate at a fantastic restaurant called ‘Taj Mahal’ inside the Old Town (which is oddly named considering it’s Bosnian food.)  You MUST make a reservation, we lucked into another party of four arguing with the staff and so they walked out and we took their table.  This restaurant is enough to convince me I need to plan a trip to Bosnia.

The morning before we left we did the main tourist attraction, walking the Old Town walls.  Access to the walls cost $20 and it was interesting but hard to justify the cost since most of the old towns along the coast have free access to the walls.  It was really hot, crowded and we saw the places we had missed such as Café Buza on the ocean side of the Old Town.  Hey, at least we got to practice our Game of Thrones poses on the wall…

2 Replies to “A Visit to King’s Landing (Dubrovnik)”

  1. Hi Eric…

    Some really nice photos on this blog. You know I am very envious of your adventures while you are there. That lake had to be one of the more beautiful places to be seen!

    Sandi and I stopped in Dubrovnik off the cruise boat in 2013. We hired an ex-cop who took us around to all the cool places and finally made reservations for us at…….”Taj Mahal”…his brother owes the place. Food was excellent for us. Only had the day there, but really enjoyed it…such a pretty place and lots of history there also with all of the bombings and stuff just not that many years ago…

    Getting some real vacation time in. No wonder you can’t get anything done….you are always out of town! Gonna be some good stories when you get home, for sure.

    Take care…Larry

    1. Thanks Larry! That’s a pretty crazy coincidence that you ate at Taj Mahal too. I REALLY want to go back there, the food was so great. We are in town quite a bit, it’s just not as fun to write about. I’m trying to get caught up on blogs from our last vacation because we’re leaving for our next trip in just over a week!

      Good to hear from you!

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