Peace Corps Invite!

We finally got our Peace Corps invite!  As many of you know we’ve been making plans to apply to the Peace Corps for a long time and after a long process we finally received and accepted our invite.  We still have a long process to go with medical and legal clearances being our next steps.

Expect this blog to be filled with more info as we fill in the gaps and get everyone caught up with where are now (this post was written in October, 2013 although it didn’t go live until February, 2014 when it finally became official.)


Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our blog!  We set this as we begin our Peace Corps to help keep our families and friends up to date on what we’re doing.  From the initial invite, to the planning process, our pre-departure road trip to see family and our adventures abroad we’ll do our best to chronicle what’s going on in our lives.  We’ll try to be entertaining and informative as we share our experiences living in a place most Americans know little about, Kyrgyzstan.

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